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Posted by PC1 Harold Wade Parker (hwparker@merrells.info)
on Monday, August 27, 2012, at 1:01 a.m., from

I am Postal Clerk (PC1) Harold Parker. I was on the Valley Forge 1968 and 1969. One of my jobs was to go an a helo to Vietnam and deliver and collect mail. I have a mail card signed my WO1 A.C. Schaefer. I also remember PC Jay Staubs. I remember staying in Vietnam one night because the return helo needed to be fixed. I mailed a postcard to my son from Vietnam but the VA doesn't recognize this. I need to prove that I flew off ship to deliver and get mail. I have looked through the Deck Logs for 1968 and it only says flight ops started or was secured. Is their a flight log of passengers?

I noticed that the reunion for 2013 is to be in Greenville, SC. I am in Anderson, SC 30 miles away. Can't wait.




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