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Posted by Howard Hamilton (catseyes@citlink.net)
on Monday, April 16, 2012, at 5:26 p.m., from

This a warning to anyone who is to have a P&C Exam. I had mine Mon. April 2 2012.I am claiming Diabetes 2, Peripheral Neuropathy of upper and lower limbs and ED all as a result of 45 yrs of diabetes. These conditions have progressed to the point I am almost helpless in a day to day life. Dr. Robert Barker of Prescott AZ reported that there was no evidence of Peripheral Neuropathy either upper or lower extremeties and all claims denied already. I realized that during my physical exam my condition was worse than even I realized. I am to the point I am almost unable to just stand up without help. I have had several falls at home and outside in the past few years. When he asked me to stand up he had to catch me from falling in the exam, room. He lied about the test results and said I had a normal gait no dicfficulty standing, walking, and had normal sensations in hands arms legs and feet. He states that I had no difficulty dressing or undressing. I never undressed ot dressed during the exam. Diabetes causes Peripheral, Autonomic, Proximal and Focal Neuropathy. I have most all these problems now. The worst is constant diarrhea, presently everyday for the last month. All the information can be found on the net. I have not had much help from doctors except more pills and shots but no relief. Haven't had a good nights sleep in years because of the pain. I hope no one else has this experience but it happened to most who are required to take this exam. Good Luck to All Best Regards, Howard Hamilton (E Div)




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